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With 18 years of experience growing blueberries, we know that there is more to blueberries than just pie-fillings and a quick snack. Shawn and Karey Davis, and her father Archie McKinnon joined forces to create Southern Press & Packing. As third generation farmers they combined the experience and expertise gained from years of working in agriculture, and growing their own blueberries, to begin a new business focusing on local grown farm products. From inception this new venture also included a value-added focus to provide additional outlets for locally produced products.

Shawn Davis and the team had begun experimenting to achieve the right blend of blueberries that delivered the sweet taste of the berries without the lagging after-taste of many of the other blueberry juices. This proprietary process resulted in a smooth, delicious and healthy drink that taste great and is good for you. This 100% all natural blueberry juice was the first product in the value-added line to be marketed under the Regenerate label. The team began knocking on doors to develop relationships with retailers interested in direct relationships with farmer owned and operated agricultural commodity processing facilities. This led to distribution in several top retail chains.

With a bumper crop of blueberries and a respected and trusted brand, we successfully began to market our in-season farm fresh blueberries in clamshells under the Regenerate label. Southern Press & Packing’s involvement in harvesting, producing and marketing of fresh berries continues to advance toward the future with an encouraging mind-set of growth. 

Southern Press & Packing is currently undergoing several areas of expansion. These areas of growth include but are not limited to lengthening the fresh ripening season by investing in expanding access to blueberry varieties. We accomplish this with sourcing from neighboring farms in and around Southeast Georgia.

In 2012 Southern Press and Packing established a Regenerate Sports Nutrition Assistant role with the University of Georgia to build product value and enhance the knowledge of the health benefits of blueberries.

On November 5, 2012 we brought the nutritional value of blueberry juice to the children in our local Pierce County school systems. We launched Regenerate 100% Pure Blueberry Juice in 4oz cartons which contains ½ cup of fruit serving. This helps the students reach the nutritional goals set by the state while they enjoy an all-natural no additive beverage while at the same time supporting their local economy. Our 4oz. juice is now benefiting many of the school systems across Georgia.


Southern Press and Packing, Inc.
1865 Peacock Dairy Road,
Blackshear, GA 31516


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